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Credit products and services

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  Shenzhen cheng and cultural service co., LTD. China business credit platform and Beijing national wealth credit management co., LTD Authorization for“Regional service center”,In charge of business enterprise credit reporting and credit products in shenzhen area。


  National wealth China based business credit services,Committed to the business credit system construction,Integrating credit database and credit platform,Optimization of credit professional services,To provide the industry enterprise credit rating、Credit evaluation、Credit certification、Credit reporting and credit warning in an integrated、Professional credit services。

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Credit regulation for government and market to achieve a win-win situation
2019In the government work report,Push forward“Double random、A public”Interdepartmental joint regulation,To implement credit regulation and“The Internet+Regulation”Reform。“Credit regulation”Are written to the government work report for the first time,Marks the credit as the core of the new supervision mechanism into the new stage。
Hebei universities have built“Good faith”Witness power integrity
Plain code marks a price,There is no one to sell,Goods reach preferable,Payment by consciously。In hebei province,Called“Good faith”Unmanned sales counter in several institutes of higher learning has become a unique scenery line。It's on the convenient service between teachers and students in school and at the same time,Honesty culture to cultivate and also set up an important platform。  2011Years,Hebei agricultural university was established in hebei university took the lead“Good faith”,Shijiazhuang railway university、Hebei university of science and technology institute of technology have also introduced the measure such as colleges and universities,Let the campus to blow integrity of the wind,To social integrity and harmony。  On the entry side of the west campus of hebei agricultural university library,With a deep

The policy document

The state council on promoting the development of creative quality To build“Double gen”The opinions of the upgrade
The central committee of the communist party of China The state council on winning the battle action guidance on three years poverty
Interpretation《Industrial trial measures for enterprise quality credit ratings management》
The national development and reform commission(2018)This year190Number for the file of credit services:Give full play to their role as the credit service agencies,We will speed up the establishment of a social credit system
About print and distribute of the people's government of guangdong province, guangdong province, set up perfect and trustworthy combined incentives and faithless combined punishment implementation plan
About the printing《For foreign economic cooperation serious breach of the main body joint punishment memorandum of cooperation》The notice
Plan for the social credit system construction(2014-2020Years)
《The national energy administration 2018Years qualification administration work points》Printed and distributed

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China water conservancy and hydropower survey design institute2009The annual credit rating unit opening ceremony
China water conservancy water and electricity for electric power industry the first fifth engineering co., LTDAAALevelThe letter用企业称Number
China petroleum and petrochemical equipment industrial association tea parties and the credit rating industry conference

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